3 Bedroom Games For Date Night

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3 Bedroom Games For Date Night

Sex Advice – How To Stop Your Woman From Linking Bad Sex To You And How To Give Her Great Sex

It’s unfortunate but true that around 50% of women have cheated on their men. Many times, these women CHEAT because they are getting bad sex. In other words – they cheat because they are sexually unfulfilled. If you want to ensure the loyalty of your woman, you must avoid her linking bad sex to you and you must give her GREAT SEX. Here’s how you do those things…

The Older Woman and Her Sexuality

There was a time when the “older woman” held an important place in our sexual mythology. She was the knowledgeable woman of the world, the one who understood both the mysteries of a woman’s body and the workings of a man’s body, needs and desires. She was the one who was beyond the confines of mere convention, the one who could teach a young boy how to please his lover and the older man a deeper appreciation for the ways of love.

Sexuality During Menopause

While going through menopause, it sometimes seems as if your desire for sex will go away. Vaginal dryness hardly sounds like an invitation to a satisfying sex life. However, while many people (men and women) believe that menopause means less sexual desire, the truth is much more nuanced. It is certainly not necessarily true that menopause means less sexual desire. For a large number of women sex after menopause is as enjoyable – even more enjoyable – than it was before menopause.

How Women Find Their Sexuality

These are just a few examples of ways that women come to understand something essential about their sexuality. The exploration and awareness of what we are feeling in our bodies is our introduction to our sexuality. The truth is that we do not find our sexuality so much as we “rediscover” it as we get older. What I have found enlightening from my many, many discussions with women is that when I ask them how they found their sexuality, many of them refer to a time long before puberty.

Sex Secrets: The Art Of Phone Sex And How To Use It To Give Your Woman Orgasms That Blow Her Mind

Did you know that PHONE SEX is one of the best ways to give your woman SEXUAL PLEASURE? If not, you had better read this and find out how to use it to totally blow your woman’s mind…

How To Restore Sexual Libido In Your Relationship

Are you unhappy with your sex life? What can you do if sex is less satisfying? How to improve your intimacy with her?

How to Laugh Your Way Into Enlightenment

A dose of daily laughter is the key to manifesting an amazing life that you love.u00a0Laughing is a key ingredient in learning how to let go.u00a0It is one of the most positive releases one can experience without having an actual orgasm!