One Hot Night true story

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One Hot Night true story

’And while kissing deeply, we can feel our hearts beating fast. My bare chest sticks to his own, and my cock presses against his stomach. My legs are wrapped around his waist while my crack can feel my lover’s prick pressing against it. I moan with pleasure, and with each move he makes, my cock rubs against his body’ driving me /crazy/">crazy. A sudden move, and his dick pushes against my /hole/ass-hole/">ass hole and demands its natural place in me’

I woke up suddenly, my cheap hotel bed full of cum. I was used to sleeping naked when I was alone on a /trip/">trip, and this was no exception. I went toward the bathroom to take my shower and, clean the mess I was in. I stopped in front of the mirror just to take a look at the 24 year old man that I have become: 6 /feet/">feet tall, firm and well built body with a 6’ cut cock, brown eyes and short black hair. I am what you call a typical Middle Eastern guy. It was a long shower that morning. I was touching myself like I never touched my body before: pinching my nipples gently, rubbing my dick smoothly and touching my ass hole with my finger. Maybe I was trying to remember that dream, or perhaps to understand what it really meant to be with another man. At last, I held my shaft tighter and started pumping fast till it burst.

I left my hotel room and started wandering around the Island. If you think about it, there is nothing much about Cyprus, not if you come alone anyway. Julie, for some reason, didn’t want to come, pity; she would have loved the sun’ and the nightlife’

It was around midnight, when I met this nice group of guys. I don’t remember how I met them since I was, once again, drunk. All I know is their names: Brad, Chris and Chad. I became the second Chad on the list. We were shouting, laughing, singing and dancing all night. One thing kept my attention though, the way Chad was looking at me but I figured I was drunk.

Next day, I woke up, naked in my bed but not alone this time’

Chad came with me that night, since he was interested to see my hotel room’ Good excuse when you are drunk. I sat on my bed and he sat close. He looked at me, placed one hand on my dick in my pants, and brought his lips to mine. Sensing no rejection wwwxxx from my side, he kissed me again, harder this time. He was almost sucking my lips. His tongue went roaming my mouth, exploring every part of it while his hands were moving to unzip me. The tension escalated while kissing. I took off my shirt, and started to help him take off his own. My pants were on the ground and his pants on the bed. For the /first-time/">first time, I was naked with another naked man, alone, in a bedroom. His body matched mine in size; we were a perfect match. With the tip of his tongue, he went down toward my chest, tasting it. I shivered for a second than I moaned with pleasure as he started sucking on my nipple and pinching gently the other one. Then, he continued his way toward my cock. Always, with the tip of his tongue he went teasing my dick head, then my shaft till its base. He held my balls with one hand and my ass with the other. My dick was so hard it hurt. It started oozing precum that he kept licking. He slips his hand between my legs. The touch excited me more, I could explode right now. My legs tightened around his hand that started fucking them. His lips were now tightened around my prick, pumping it, up and down. I could feel my dickhead reaching my lover’s throat. Suddenly, his hand moved toward my ass crack and as one finger pushed against my ass hole, I froze with pleasure, the ultimate /ecstasy/">ecstasy. Still, he was too experienced to let me shoot before making me feel what it meant for two people to be as one.

He pushed me on the bed, and I fell on my back. He took the wwwxxx my legs up to his shoulders and held them tight while he drove his cock toward my ass hole. He pushed slowly at first, then in a sudden strong push he managed to let his dick head in. I almost screamed with pain, but just a moan came out. He kept like this for some time, then, when my hole relaxed, pushed again, and his cock went all the way in. Gently he was coming in and out my ass now, I could feel emptiness with each time he left my insides, than filled again with both pain and pleasure. With each move in and out of me, I would stroke my dick up and down and, each time we were going faster and faster until we both shot our loads at the same time: he came in my ass, I came in his face. He fell on me, and we slept till the next morning.