City Sin Part Three Locker Room Lockdown

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City Sin Part Three Locker Room Lockdown

They all collapsed in a heap, completely sexually satisfied. "Wow!" said Roger. "That was incredible!"

"I know," responded Yoshiki. "You both should come and meet my boyfriend!"

"You"re what?"

"Oh, don't worry. It's an open relationship. His name is Darrel. He manages the spa downstairs. That means we can get in after hours""

Part Three: Locker Room Lockdown 

The business meeting went smoothly. Roger and Alejandro were polite, helpful, and fast. Almost too fast. Their clients noticed how they always sped through the boring paperwork, and how they seemed very anxious to get the meeting over with. However, they were pleased with the convenience.

Roger was nervous. He had no idea what to expect. All Yoshiki had told him was "Meet us inside the spa at 12. The door will be unlocked." Roger hadn't even seen a picture of Darrel. 

With just the slightest bit of apprehension, Alejandro and Roger left their room at 11:50 and headed toward the spa. 

Alejandro leaned up against the spa door. He heard the soothing whirr of running water, and high pitched moans he could easily identify as Yoshiki. With a little grin, he opened the door to the spa and entered. Roger followed right behind him.

The pair walked carefully on the wet tile floor, heading for the running shower. They walked past the , finally reaching the showers. Inside the shower, positioned behind Yoshiki, with his hands running up and down the bellboy's back, was the hottest man either of the two had ever seen.

Darrel's chocolate black skin glistened as the water poured down his body. It ran down the stripes of skin his long cornrows created. His piercing brown eyes matched his skin tone. The water ran down his broad shoulders, his perfect pecs, and his hairless rippling six pack. It soaked his short, curly black pubic hair, and tickled his stiff, thick, 10 inch cock. The water ran down his muscled back, and through his ass crack, rolling off the two, round, firm mounds. It ran down his sexy, built legs, his large feet as it went down the drain.

"Roger, Al!" said Yoshiki, in his sexily high voice, without moving away from his boyfriend. In fact, he leaned into the man's caressing hands. "God, that feels good! Guys, this is Darrel. Darrel didn't say a word. With a small smile, he beckoned them to the shower.

Roger didn't need to be convinced. He walked into the shower, feeling the cool water run down his back. His long, silky-smooth hair clung to his neck. He kneeled down in front of Yoshiki, planting a tiny kiss on the tip of his erect, 6 and a half inch manhood. 

Yoshiki shivered, amazed by the intense pleasure of the 'sandwich." His oh-so-hot boyfriend was softly massaging his buttocks, his strong, manly hands causing chills to run up his back. He loved the feel of Darrel's rock hard, 10 inch penis rubbing up against him. In front of him, Roger was planting tiny kisses on his dick. "Oh God, Roger, that feels incredible! Keep doing that!"

Roger didn't listen. Instead of kissing, he began to lick the Asian prick. His tongue darted in and out, tracing little lines of saliva. Roger moved his tongue to the olive balls and started massaging those with his tongue. Yoshiki moaned in satisfaction. Roger's talented tongue massaged each ball, kissing and caressing, before working its way back up the shaft. Roger then placed his mouth over Yoshiki's sensitive, swollen head. The bellboy gasped, leaning backwards. Roger proceeded to run his tongue around the engulfed head. He tasted the Asian's precum. It had that , yet salty taste that Roger had grown to love. Swirling his tongue once more, he slid his lips down the shaft. Yoshiki's pubic hairs tickled his nose and filled it with man scent. Roger would have sighed, but his mouth was too full of cock. 

Yoshiki was finding it hard to concentrate. He was being brought close to orgasm because of Roger's fantastic blowjob, and Darrel's dick was just starting to enter his ass. He felt the head pop in, and relaxed, letting him enter. Even in this sex-haze, he saw Alejandro's hot body, water dripping from the curly black pubes, standing in the shower watching. He was slowly jacking his 9 inches. Yoshiki didn't want anyone to feel left out"

Pushing Roger father down, he beckoned Alejandro by crooking his index finger, then putting it in his mouth. Alejandro got the message. He approached the threesome, and Yoshiki opened his mouth.

Alejandro sighed contentedly as Yoshiki swallowed his length. Realizing that the teenager would have a very xnxxv sunny leone video hard time sucking him off, since he was getting blown and fucked all at once, Alejandro did the work for him. Grabbing the back of his head, fingers in his hair, Alejandro face-fucked Yoshiki like there was no tomorrow. His powerful hands forced more and more of his into Yoshiki's throat. He grunted with each thrust. 

The shower water ran down Al's back, tickling his . The pleasant sensation only turned him on more. He quickened his pace, forcing Yoshiki's head back and forth faster and faster. Suddenly, he felt a sharp pain.

Yoshiki recoiled every time Darrel stuck his massive cock in him. He had had many lovers, but no one had a bigger dick than Darrel. Every time he got fucked with it, it hurt at first. It soon started to feel awesome. Today was no exception.

When Darrel's dick was first rammed into him, he couldn't control his reflexes. He bit down " not enough to cause serious damage, but it wasn't pleasant for Alejandro. The moment soon passed. The giant black cock went in and out of his tight , pressing against his prostate. "Fuck me! Fuck me with your black monster cock! Oh my god!" he managed to say before Alejandro shoved his cock back in his mouth.

Roger continued to move his head back and forth, letting the precum run down his throat. He heard Yoshiki's muffled words, and then felt his dick swell in his mouth. He continued to suck as Yoshiki's pressure built up. Finally, the Asian could take no more. His cock exploded in Roger's mouth. Roger swallowed every drop of his cum. It tasted so sweet.

Yoshiki go out of the three-way onslaught. Darrel headed for the sauna, and the three studs followed him, staring at his . 

Darrel entered the sauna first. By the time the other three had arrived, he had made himself comfortable reclining on the wood seats. His dick looked perfect " especially to Alejandro. The Hispanic fell to the ground and crawled like a pilgrim approaching a shrine. He grabbed the massive tool, pulled it toward him, and tried to deep throat it. He could only get three inches when he gagged. Al relaxed his throat, and tried again. He swallowed six inches. "Es buen'sima!" he thought, still trying to force more cock into his mouth.

Roger stared at Alejandro's ass just waving there, a few inches from the wooden planks of the floor. The steam had condensed all over the sexy, dark, built body, all the way from his large feet to his short cropped hair. 
Roger grabbed his lover's left foot and took it to his mouth, running his lips over each toe, then moving along the ticklish sole. Al shivered in delight and ate another inch of chocolate meat. Roger moved his lips up Al's leg, skipping over his ass. His lips returned to the body at Al's back, planting kisses all the way to his ear.

He took the ear into his mouth, gently nibbling and tonguing. Al began to shake with pleasure. He got his mouth off real forced anal against her will the black dick, instead licking down the right side of the shaft. Roger took over the left. Their tongues danced around the impressive girth of the brown cock. Sitting up, Roger used his hands to jack Al's dick, while Al's hand's were on Darrel's. Al moved his mouth to Darrel's head, lapping up the precum that had started to gush.

Watching the two business men double-team his boyfriend made Yoshiki really horny. Noticing that Roger's dick had gotten no attention yet, Yoshiki laid down on the sauna floor. The steam coated all of them, and the tiny water droplets on Roger's dick were looking very appetizing. Yoshiki forced his head down onto the 8 inches, and moved his head up and down.

Darrel was the first to cum. His huge dick spewed creamy cum all over the sauna. It became slimy and wet as it mixed with the steam. 

Al was next. Roger's handjob pushed his all over his own chest. Roger was quick to lick it up. It was still his favorite flavor.

Yoshiki's efforts paid off. Licking up his boyfriend's cum had pushed Roger over the edge. The was rewarded with a throat full of sweet, sweet sperm.

Roger and Alejandro said goodbye to their new "friends". When they returned home, they immediately began living together " although no one at their work knew of this arrangement. Occasionally, they would go into a gay bar and pick up a hot stranger for a threesome " although none ever equaled their first together. They were both very happy with this arrangement" or were they?