Drunk Bathroom Sex

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Drunk Bathroom Sex

The car pulled up in front of the crowded bar and Juliet was going to enjoy herself tonight. Who cared if she had just been dumped by her lover. No way, was that going to stand in her way! Tonight, she was getting drunk. She walked into the ever busy bar and sat down in the corner. Automatically, a tiny waitress walked up to her.

?What can I get you, doll??
Juliet was sparing no expense tonight. ?Brandy! Lots of it.?
The waitress smiled. ?Okay doll.?

Fifteen minutes later, Juliet was on her third glass getting slobbered. She peered around the bar and eyed the gorgeous couples dancing on the floor.
?Damn!? she muttered. ?No lonely men tonight.?

Just then a stranger in the far corner caught her attention. The stranger was sitting alone, drinking by herself, obviously slobbered as well and looking at her.
Juliet, who was a slim, slender model eyed the stranger who was a /brunette/">brunette, sexy and beautiful. Her long hair fell on her as if she were advertising herself for a good time.

Juliet debated whether to join her but the stranger had already seen her and raised her glass, gulping down her drink.
?Oh,? Juliet said. ?A challenge.?

Juliet poured herself a drink, porn videos download three quarters full, raised the glass and drank it.

The woman raised her eyebrow and smiled, pouring yet another drink and opening her legs, letting her dress fly above her knees. Juliet saw her /sensual/">sensual pose as she gulped down the drink. Juliet was never one to think about other women but this time, the stranger?s black, laced panties were looking so inviting.
Juliet did not pour another drink. She raised her bottle and drank from it, letting her tongue slide over the brim of the bottle and letting the drink flow down her lips to her neck.

The other woman eyed her, inserting her own hand under her dress. Juliet giggled as she saw what was happening and slowly raised her middle finger and sucked on it, letting it slide down her chest to her jeans, letting her zip become undone and her finger disappearing behind the seams.

The woman laughed in her corner and soon grabbed her handbag and got up. Juliet?s heart fluttered. Was the woman coming here? Juliet was so drunk she did not care. However, the woman did not come. The woman walked over to the ladies? bathroom.

Juliet leaned back, somewhat disappointed. She eyed the closed door and knew that there were only two toilets inside there and just now a line would form outside the door. Juliet rushed up and entered the bathroom, locking the door behind.

She stared at the empty bathroom and soon heard the toilet flush. The stranger walked out of her stall, not looking at her and headed for the mirror where she washed her hands and proceeded to put on her red lipstick.

Juliet?s cunt widened as she saw the sensuous action of the woman placing the pointed shaft on her soft, luscious lips. However, the woman was drunk as well and was placing the lipstick under her lips as well.

Juliet steadied herself and advanced to the woman, gently holding her wrist. The woman, who became startled smiled as she turned and saw her new playmate.
?You need a little help?? she whispered.

The woman smiled. ?Yeah, I?m a bit beaten up today,? the stranger said.

?What do you mean?? Juliet asked as she lightly stroked the lipstick off of her mouth and proceeded to paint her lips.
?My boyfriend and I broke up today,? she said.

Juliet smiled. ?My boyfriend and I broke up today too.?
?Yeah,? she smiled. ?What?s your name??
?Tammy. Getting drunk tonight??
Juliet giggled. ?Oh yes. And I see you had the same idea??
?Hold on,? Juliet said. ?Some of your lipstick has dried under your lips. Let me just wet it off,? she said, sensuously.

Suddenly, Juliet, who had never thought of another woman in a sexual manner, allowed her tongue to slowly rub against Tammy?s mouth wiping away the lipstick. She then stared at the surprised drunk Tammy.

?Wow!? Tammy said. ?I?ve never been kissed by a woman before.?
?Me neither,? Juliet giggled. ?How was it??
Tammy eyed her. ?Very new.?
They both giggled and then stopped. Silence as they stared at each other.

The two /drunk/drunk-women/">drunk women wanted each other more than anything. Juliet pushed Tammy into the bathroom stall and closed the door.
?I?ve never done this before but it feels so good now!? Tammy said as they kissed each other hard, fondling each other?s breasts and sucking on their necks.
?Oh Tammy, make it hurt baby,? Juliet moaned.

Suddenly, Tammy threw open Juliet?s blouse revealing her tight, /breasts/huge-breasts/">huge breasts choking in her bra. She sucked on them letting her saliva paint them, freeing them as the bra fell to the ground. Juliet unbuttoned her own pants before pushing her hand under Tammy?s dress. The smell of sex was in the air and the two love slaves were too anxious to care about each other. They just wanted to satisfy themselves.

Tammy tore off her pants and quickly sucked her pussy, penetrating it with her finger as the cunt opened wider for her. The wet clitoris tasted so juicy that Tammy did not stop sucking as Juliet bent over her and inserted her finger into her ass.

Tammy moaned in /surprise/">surprise as the thick digit entered her /asshole/">asshole, stretching it beyond wonders.
?Oh baby!? Tammy muttered as she sucked harder, feeling an anally induced orgasm springing to life.

?Tammy, faster!? Juliet called out as she felt her orgasm exploding inside of her. She anchored her inner thighs on Tammy?s head as she rocked on her mouth, begging for more. Her finger jammed into her pussy harder and harder as Juliet inserted three other fingers onto Tammy?s ass.

Tammy sucked more vigorously as she felt her orgasm emanating from within her. She sucked harder and faster until she cummed and her juices squirted all over Juliet?s legs. Juliet pushed and pulled her finger feeling the tightness around her digits as the /cum/hot-cum/">hot cum flowed down her legs. Juliet screamed out as her juices sprayed inside her playmate?s mouth, allowing the tongue to search the unexplored territory.

Tammy stood up and leaned back on the opposite wall. Juliet knew what she had to do. The two naked woman stared at each other as they squared off.
They both had one orgasm each but that was not enough. The two lesbian virgins had discovered unexpected pleasures. Juliet sensuously leaned against the woman and pulled up Tammy?s leg unto her waist as they kissed passionately. However, she had jammed her pussy unto her lover?s pussy and soon they were gyrating their hips, allowing the pussies to rub as they kissed harder and harder, accelerating their hips. The rubbing action opened their pussies as the two women rode each other. Soon their tongues were playing with each other all over their bodies as the pussies widened as the clits jammed on each other.

?Harder Tammy!? Juliet called out.
Tammy pushed her cunt in harder as they rubbed each other violently, feeling the second orgasm rising out of them.

?I?m cumming, I?m cumming baby!? Tammy called and soon she screamed out in a her high pitched voice as her orgasms took her to paradise and back. Her orgasm lingered on awaiting for Juliet to join her. Soon, the two women were in /ecstasy/">ecstasy as their orgasms led into further cumming. Their red pussies widened some more but Tammy turned Juliet around and jammed her pussy into Juliet?s ass. She then stuck her fingers into Juliet?s widened pussy as she rode her ass. Juliet, not believing that another orgasm was rising within her, bent her hands backwards and stuck her fingers into Tammy?s ass as Tammy rode her bottom, masturbating her. Soon, the women sang together as their anally induced orgasms joined into their pussy rubbing induced cumming.

?Juliet turned and kissed Tammy. ?I never thought that I would ever do that,? she said.
Tammy giggled. ?I always dreamed of it but never thought it would have happened.?

The two women breathed hard unto each other, their hot and alcoholic breaths enticing them some more. Soon Tammy opened the stall door and sat on the sink. She spread out her hands on the mirror and Juliet strolled out, surveying her lover?s body.

?You know what you need?? Juliet asked.
?What baby??
?You need a woman to tame you!?
?No woman can tame me, sexy,? she answered.
?You sure??
?You have a woman in mind??
?Oh yes? but it would take a long term commitment for that!?
?A long term commitment??
?Of sexually charged pleasure.?
?Well, let this woman come to this address and we?ll see how she does, tonight.? Tammy handed her a card from her purse.

?Oh, I?ll be there.?

The two women smiled and Juliet kissed her again, this time fondling her breasts and sucking on those hard, /nipples/huge-nipples/">huge nipples. Tammy moaned and soon closed in her arms on her new lover, hugging her as they kissed passionately now.

?All your lipstick came off,? Juliet said.
?Wow,? Tammy said, admiring herself in the mirror. ?When you come tonight we could put some back on.?

Juliet smiled. ?I?ll follow you to your home.?

They kissed. ?Baby, once you reach my home, you ain?t xxx leaving.?
?Suits me!