Italian Workout

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Italian Workout

Leaving the office late, the last thing i wanted to do was workout at the /gym/">gym,....but boy im glad i did. Parking in the almost vacant parking lot i get out of my car at the same time as another guy. Looks like we picked a good time, he says. We both make our way inside and discover the gym empty. I ask the girl working reception if theyre still open. She tells us she is about to close for the night but tells us to come in anyway. Thats fine guys, i have to stay back tonight anyway.

Im waiting on an electrician, go ahead and work out and ill let you know when youre times up. We both thank her and go to seperate corners of the gym to work out. As im getting on the treadmill, this guy gets on the machine next to me. He introduces himself as Marco and we get to chatting. By this point im working up quite a sweat, so i take off my t-shirt and toss it on the ground beside me. I notice that Marco stops mid sentence, so i look over my shoulder to see why he went quite all of a sudden. I catch him staring at my bare chest. I do have a toned body and think he must be impressed with my physice. He starts talking again and i quickly put his staring out of mind.

After about 10 minutes, we move to the benchpress and take turns in spotting each other. I go first and Marco moves behind the press to spot me. As i press my first set, im shocked at what i see. Marco has a huge bulge in his tight black running shorts. Its so distracting that i quickly offer to switch places. He agrees and the whole time im spotting him, i cant get my mind off what ive just seen. We eventaully finish up and i make my excuses to leave and hit the showers. Yeah i might call it a night as well comes the response. Oh great i think to myself. We make our way into the change rooms and i begin to towell off.

We start chatting again, discussing the best ways to work out. Marco tells xxx sex video download free com me that in Italy, he was one of the countries best wrestlers, winning several national championships. This was common ground for us both as I had wrestled in high school. As Im about to get undressed he suggests we wrestle before we hit the showers. I agree and we start to wrestle. We both grab each others shoulders and before i know it, hes pinned me on the ground. I struggle to get up with his full weight on top of me. This time, its not Marco that gets excited....its me! I feel my cock starting to rise in my shorts and try to cover it with my free hand. Im embarrased and i start to go red in the face. He notices this and moves my hand away to see my cock now half erect through my shorts. He smiles and says, Youre excited Yes? in a thick Italian accent. No No. i mutter.

Marco then moves his body slighty down my torso rubbing his legs with mine. Its ok, he says. At this point i probably should explain a few things. Im straight....or at least i WAS straight, until i entered the gym that night. Ok...I must admit, i have thought about being with another man before, and i did have a threesome once with my girlfriend and my /friend/best-friend/">best friend. And ill also admit to finding both /men/women-men/men-and-women/">men and women attractive....but im not gay.....right? Wrong! I dont know what it was, whether it was the fact that another man had found me attractive enough to make a move on me, or whether it was the heat of the moment, my body pumping full of adrenalin and testosterone.

Whatever the reason, i was so turned on i reached up and planted a kiss on this perfect strangers face. He kissed me back and started rubbing my chest with his huge hands. It felt so good, my now fully erect cock was throbbing. He reached down and pulled my cock out of my shorts. I stopped him and asked him if we could slow things down a bit. He laughed and told me my nervousness was /cute/">cute. He asked me if i felt comfortable giving him a massage. Id love to, i said, my voice wavering. He lay on his stomach and told me to straddle him. As i climbed on top of him, i felt my cock hit his back. He flinched and then said, Youll need to go a little lower, if thats what you want.

That made me laugh so i instantly felt more comfortable. I started to caress his back and made my way down to his butt. This guy had the body of an adonis and i was getting harder and harder as i massaged his back. He told me how good it felt and rolled over on his side. Do you want to sexxxx video ful hd stop now. he asked. No. No. Im just getting started, I replied. With that, I pulled down his shorts, revealing the biggest dick i had ever seen. My suprise and delight must have been way too obvious. You like? he whispered. I didnt respond because by this point my mouth was full. I licked up and down his shaft as he lay there moaning. I dont know what came over me. With my spare hand i played with his /balls/huge-balls/">huge balls as his cock was sliding in and out of my mouth. His cock was so big, i could only manage to take half of it in my mouth. And even then it made me gag at one point.

I could feel his cock pulsating slightly so i quickly stopped and moved to the nearby bench. Marco jumped to his feet and followed me over. He dropped to his knees and started to lick my neck and chest. I grabbed his head and forced it down towards my groin. He ripped off my shorts and grabbed my cock with both hands. In his huge hands, he made it look tiny. My cock is about seven inches erect, his must have been over 11 inches. I wish i had a cock like yours i muttered as he stroked mine. No. You have /cock/good-cock/">good cock he reassured me. Are you kidding me? Compared to you i look like a 8th grader. He laughed and took my cock in his mouth.

He quickly sucked up and down, leaving a string of saliva on the head of my penis as he took it out of his mouth. I was so turned on i almost came. Sensing this, he let my cock rest on his forehead as he licked and massaged my balls with his hands. Marco then looked up at me and said Jason. Can i fuck you now? I grabbed his hands and lifted him up kissing him passionalty on the lips. Yes, I want you to fuck me. i replied. He took me by the arm and laid me on my back in the middle of the change room. Have you ever been fucked before, he asked. No. came the sheepish reply. Ill be gentle. I promise. Will it hurt?, i asked. A little at first, but it feels so good youll never want to stop. He reached over to his backpack and took out some soap and began to lather his huge cock. I lay on my back jerking my /hard/hard-cock/">hard cock as i watched him work every inch of his gigantic dick. His balls were touching the inside of my leg, which was driving me wild with anticipation. He lifted my legs up slightly and told me to relax. I let out a slight cry as he pushed his cock into my tight arse.

It took several attempts for him to slide that monster inside of me, but eventually had worked it in there somehow. It felt so fucking good!! I lent forward so i could see his /cock/big-cock/">big cock sliding in and out. He lent over me and kissed me on the cheek as he plunged it deeper and deeper inside of me. He was now laying on top of me our bodies glistening from the sweat and i pushed my face into his armpit. /party/">party to muffle my moans and partly to smell this guys scent. He was pumping me harder and harder and moaning as he filled my ass with his penis. I reached behind him and pulled his arse closer into my body. With my other free hand, i started /wanking/cock-wank/wanking-my-cock/">wanking my cock, it rubbing up against his abs as he slammed into me. He then moved his body upright, resting on his knees as he fucked me even harder than before. He held onto my chest with one hand and caressed my biceps with the other.

I squeezed his balls with my free hand,making him groan. I then moved my hand up and down his inner thigh caressing his hairy legs. I felt my balls tighten and knew i was about to cum. Im cumming. Im cumming, i screamed as i jerked my cock faster and faster. He lent into me as my cock errupted. I came in a series of quick shots, my sperm streaming out of me. I shot a load all over his tanned stomach, and one spirt even landed on his face. It felt so good, my whole body shook from the pleasure, and my cock was instantly hard again, as i watched my cream running over his chisseled jaw and down his big chest. As i lay there in a daze, Marcos cock was throbbing inside of me. I sat up resting my body weight on my arms as he withdrew his massive cock from my arse. He started moaning as he masturbated over me. His cock was spewing /semen/">semen all over my chest. It felt so good as his warm spunk hit my body. Just as i thought he was done, he let out a sharp yell and blasted my face with one last spurt of his love juice. It ran down my cheek and landed on his thigh.

We collapsed into each others arms our wet dicks touching. I embraced him placing my arm around his beautiful body. He placed his hands on my face and kissed me deeply. Thank you Marco, i whispered in his ear as i kissed the top of his head. Just at that moment, we heard the receptionist knocking on the /women/">womens changing room door down the hall. Anyone there. Were closing she shouted. We quickly rose to our feet and jumped in the showers. We washed each others bodies our hands touching almost every inch of each other. We both didnt want to leave, but knew that the night had to come to an end. We quickly changed and walked out past reception, thanking the staff member on our way out. Hope you had a good workout, she said. Looking at Marco as i answered, It was the best ive ever had.