Where I Belong Part 1

Published February 23, 2024 tag category
Where I Belong Part 1

     To say that I was in a sexual slump would be the understatement of the year!  I was bogged down in a dead-end relationship and sexual escapades of any kind had dried up months ago.  The only sexual release of any kind came in the form of the many porn sites I visited on a daily basis.  That all changed when my /friend/best-friend/">best friend Barbie and I started cybering. The funny thing is, it all started off as a joke and turned into something much more serious and real.

     Barbie was in the same boat as I was.  She was in a dead-end relationship and any sex she was getting was through masterbation.  We had known each other for three years, through work, and we confided to one another everything that was going on in our lives to one another.  Every morning after work, after our partners had left for the day, we got on our computers and IMd each other to talk and basically /bitch/">bitch about our lousy sex lives.  Even on the weekends, our worthless partners would go to bed early and Barbie and I would talk early into the morning hours.

     It was during one of these weekend gripe sessions that our sexual adventures started.  We had been talking, as always, about sex and how non-existant our sex lives were when, as a joke, I suggested that we should just use each other to "get our rocks off."

     "How do you mean?," Barbie quipped.  stunning brunette hussy diana xxxxpv "Like cyber with one another?"
     "Sure," I replied.  "We sure as hell arent getting anywhere apart, so we might as well together use each other to have a little fun."

     There was a pause from her end, then she replied, "Sure.  Im game, what do we have to lose but a bit of bodily fluids?  LOL"

     Mind you, all of this started as a joke.  It turned serious very fast.  Knowing everything about her and throwing in my fetishes for thigh-highs, garter belts, and sexy "fuck me" shoes on any woman I was with, I started into a story about her and I having a /wild/wild-fuck/">wild fuck like we always talked we were into.

     I was the only one typing at times and I wondered why.  I kept writing anyway, not wanting to break up the story.  I went into detail about how I was seducing her, the way I was undressing her and how I was nibbling on her and licking her in all the right places.  Before I knew it, I had a raging hard on and began visualizing all the things I was writing about doing to her.  At the same time, she began posting only words used to descibe pleasure.  "Mmmmm, oh yeah, dont stop," and things of that nature.

     I finished my little adventure with me "pulling my engorged cock from her sopping /pussy/wet-pussy/">wet pussy and spraying /cum/hot-cum/">hot cum into her waiting mouth."  I was very turned on at this point and planned on a little masterbation to ease the tension after we signed off. 

     "So, what did you think, Barbie?" I asked after I finished typing.
     For several minutes, no posts were sent my way.  Then after what seemed like forever, three letters popped up on the screen.  "OMG," was all she typed.  Again, a long pause from her.
     "Whats going on?" I asked.  I wondered if her boyfriend had woke up or she had fallen asleep, anything but what she posted next.

     "Michael, you made me cum."
     I sat there dumbfounded for several seconds waiting for the inevitable LOL or anything saying that she was kidding me.  No such post followed.  I finally typed back to her to ask if she was kidding.

     "No, Im not," was her response.  "You know how horny Ive been lately, and everything that you wrote, I had my eyes closed, imagining you doing them to me.  When you started writing about licking the juices from my pussy and sucking on my clit, I put my hand into my panties and started masterbating.  When you finished with how you came into my mouth, I had an orgasm like Ive never had before."

     Now I was the one that couldnt post.  I was so turned on, yet very confused at the same time.  I knew that we had been very close for a very long time, but what did this mean?  She hadnt just imagined the things I was descibing being done to her, she had imagined me white attractive slutty whore xxxxvie doing them to her.  At the same time, I was dreaming of touching and fucking her as well.  I wondered if I was reading too much into things and so I asked her.  "What just happened here, Barbie?"

     "I dont know, but I dont ever remember being so turned on.  It was the thought of you fucking me that made me cum so damn hard.  Are you as confused as I am?"
     I was nodding my head furiously as I typed the word "yes" back to her.  We talked a bit more about what had just happened, but finally agreed that we needed to talk in person about this.  We signed off agreeing that we would discuss things at length Monday at work.

     I went to bed and as planned, masterbated.  But what I hadnt planned on earler, was me masterbating while thinking about having my closest friends sexy, naked body underneath me.  I came like never before, the coincidence of her saying the same thing to me earlier, lost in my clouded mind.  I went to sleep thinking of what was to come, not knowing that it was the beginning of the greatest times I had ever experienced in my life.